Size Competitive Meshing without Large Angles
Gary L. Miller, Todd Phillips, and Donald R. Sheehy
ICALP: 34th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming 2007
We present a new meshing algorithm for the plane, Overlay Stitch Meshing (OSM), accepting as input an arbitrary Planar Straight Line Graph and producing a triangulation with all angles smaller than $170^\circ$. The output triangulation has competitive size with any optimal size mesh having equally bounded largest angle. The competitive ratio is $O(\log(L/s))$ where $L$ and $s$ are respectively the largest and smallest features in the input. OSM runs in $O(n \log (L/s) + m)$ time/work where $n$ is the input size and $m$ is the output size. The algorithm first uses Sparse Voronoi Refinement to compute a quality overlay mesh of the input points alone. This triangulation is then combined with the input edges to give the final mesh.
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